What are “Transformation Incubator” Groups?

How many of you have invited friends to participate in Faithwalking, but they were scared away by the 6-month commitment? Or maybe they were vaguely interested, but didn’t understand exactly what they would get out of the experience? “Transformation Incubator” (TI) groups are an experiment in response to these common concerns. TI Groups are small, topic-focused communities that will work intensively on a particular area of transformation over a two-month period. Participants will meet weekly to share their personal experiences along the way, while taking practical steps and receiving coaching between gatherings. Because they target a specific area of transformation over a shorter period of time, they provide a lower risk experience while promising a clearer result.  We are calling them “Transformation Incubator” groups because they provide a safe space for transformation to begin in a relatively short period of time, while equipping you with tools you can use after the group is over.

TI Groups not only provide an easier entry point for folks who might do FW in the future, but they can also help you as a FW alum to keep your transformation alive! Let me say that again – these groups are open to FW alum AND to folks who have never done FW!

Our first TI Group is focused on helping folks improve their relationship with their parents. If that’s an area you’d like to work on, consider joining us in June! If that topic doesn’t resonate with you right now, but you are interested in the *idea* of a TI group, please fill out this brief survey or just respond to this email to let us know what topics interest you! I look forward to hearing from you!