Our New Blog & Updated Website


Over the last several months (Sept-Nov 2017), the Body Oak Cliff community has been engaged in an intentional discernment process, working to transition our offerings from a programmatic, scattered, and limited approach to a more empowered, embodied, and everyday philosophy. We’ve put a pause on the retreat/small group model that we’ve employed for the past 5 years and are exploring more organic approaches.

With participants regularly reporting significant personal breakthroughs (see Celebrating the Growth: Fall 2017), we feel that we’ve gotten pretty good at our work.  And so we want to empower you to grow in and share God’s love in your everyday.  

Toward that end, we’ve launched a blog!  The new site seeks to capture the teachings and latest reflections of the Body Oak Cliff team (Joel & Deborah), as well as the stories of transformation coming from our extended community.  You’ll find resources for your personal journey and small group tools.

Many of the posts will include reflection questions to help you interact with the content (for example, see the bottom of these posts – Making Space for the Unknown (Part 2) and Cleaning Up Messes: A Tool of Transformation). If you find something that resonates with you, consider sharing it with a friend or small group and let the questions prompt meaningful conversation.

We hope that what you read on the site will encourage you on your journey and empower you to love in the everyday!