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Find “the place where your deep gladness

and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

-Frederick Buechner

What if your gifts and passions were meant to solve a particular problem?

What if you are uniquely equipped to ease the suffering of someone in your neighborhood?

What if there’s something you’re meant to offer the world, and you’ll feel restless and discontent until you do?


If these questions resonate with you, I want to invite you to join Body Oak Cliff's newest venture: Creative Projects for the Common Good. This 12-week creative experience is for people who want to use their unique gifts for the common good. Benefit from the encouragement, accountability, and inspiration of a like-minded community. Gain clarity and momentum toward your emerging vision by working through creative exercises designed specifically for you. If you have talents and passions that remain under-utilized, and if you get excited thinking about how you might use those talents to solve a tangible problem, then this group is for you!

Group begins Wednesday September 2, 2020! Register your interest here.

(Registration deadline is Monday, August 24, 2020.)

The goal of this course is to help you take steps toward a larger creative vision with a "common good" focus. This will look different for different people, depending on where you are on your journey. Consider which of the following best describes you:

I'm intrigued by the idea of using my gifts for the common good, but I have no idea where to begin! I'm unsure what my gifts are, and/or I'm not sure how to connect my gifts to a tangible problem in my community.

If this is you, you're in the right place! We will begin the course with exercises designed to increase your awareness of your passions, causes you care about, and possible ways the two can intersect. There are no "right" answers, so as long as you're willing to try new things and have some fun, you will be sure to come up with something worth exploring!

I already have an idea I want to pursue, I just haven't been able to take action. Life (job, kids, busyness) continues to get in the way, so my vision feels like a far-off dream.

If this is you, this group could be just the jump-start you need! Part of the work we will do involves slowing down our pace to create space for something new. The awareness exercises will help you gain clarity, which helps increase motivation. And of course, the weekly meeting will provide accountability to help you get into action and begin gaining momentum!

I have already begun to take steps toward my vision, but I've stalled out and am unsure what my next move is.

If this is you, this group can help you regain focus and get back on track. It's tough to engage in creative work, and it's nearly impossible to do it alone if it's not your full-time job! Let us come alongside you for a season and offer encouragement, feedback, and companionship on the journey.

Wherever you are on the journey, this cohort has something to offer you!

This group MAY be a good fit if…

  • You are interested in learning more about your unique gifts and passions.
  • You care about the greater good, and want to discover how your gifts can be used toward that end.
  • You have struggled to make time for creative pursuits on your own.
  • Your day job doesn’t scratch your itch for creativity, meaning, and serving a higher purpose.
  • You would benefit from structured exercises designed to provide greater awareness and clarity.
  • You would benefit from the encouragement and accountability of a creative community.
  • January to March 2020 feels like a good season to make space for this venture.

This group may NOT be a good fit if…

  • You are unable or unwilling to make space in your life for creativity at this time. ("Making space" will almost certainly mean doing less of something else, so if everything in your life feels non-negotiable, this will be a challenge.)
  • The idea of contributing to the common good doesn't get you excited.
  • You are unable to meet face-to-face in Oak Cliff for a weekly meeting on a weekday evening.
  • You feel generally satisfied with your life and with the world as it is, and don't desire change in either arena.

Group Logistics:

  • Time Frame: 9/2 - 11/18 (12 weeks total)
  • Day/Time: Wednesdays evenings (specific time TBD)
  • Meetings: 1 hour / week
  • Exercises: Most weeks there will be an assignment of some kind to work on between meetings. These assignments will focus on self-awareness, creativity, and exploration. Written content will be minimal.
  • Commitment: Attend a min. of 8 out of 10 meetings, and engage with every assignment at whatever level you are able. (Assignments will not be wildly time-consuming, probably 1-2 hrs / week.)
  • Group size: All groups will be capped at 8 participants so that everyone is able to share.

Program Fee:

Standard (register by 8/24/20): $25 deposit to reserve your spot

Early registration (ends 8/1): deposit waived

I am able to keep the cost so low because of the generosity of donors. At the end of the course, I will invite participates to make a donation that reflects the value they received. There is no pressure to give anything, it is simply an opportunity to "pay it forward" to future participants.


Group begins Wednesday 9/2. Registration ends Monday 8/24.