Celebrating Growth (Fall 2017)



This past Sunday evening, celebration was in the air!  Over the past 6 months, seventeen participants met biweekly at Big Blue and journeyed through Body Oak Cliff’s Formation and Leadership processes.  The groups were co-led by Deborah Cunningham, Rachel Kramer, Joel Pulis, and Christy Tyree, and represented our largest cohort over the past 4 years!

Each time we gathered, we interacted with topics such as:

  • The role shame plays in our lives
  • Developing a rhythm of spiritual practices that lead to breakthrough
  • How to regularly have conversations that sustain our personal transformation
  • Learning to see and manage anxiety
  • Understanding our emotions and growing in emotional maturity
  • Growing in our ability to listen deeply and be present with people
  • How to be defined and connected in relationships
  • How to lead others on the journey of transformation

As we journeyed together toward more fully embodying God’s love in the everyday, the breakthroughs and impact of the work included…

  • A single mother who experiences much less anxiety in the day-to-day care of her children and is able to parent with more confidence, compassion, and understanding. (Her kids were quick to notice the change too!)
  • A young professional who found new purpose and is growing in authenticity with family members.  
  • An IT security exec who learned how to manage his anxiety in the midst of a stressful season of hacking and hurricanes.  
  • A public school teacher who gained vision for serving his students by being a better listener.
  • A missionary who became aware of personal cynicism and found new hope for the future.
  • A government employee who became more reflective and has improved relationships with family and co-workers.
  • A businessman who learned to be defined with his work partner, which then allowed him to listen better and extend more compassion.
  • Several women who gained confidence in their ability to lead others.
  • Several married couples who grew to new levels of communication and intimacy.
  • And so much more!

It has been a joy walking with this group, and we hope to continue supporting them on their journey in the days ahead!