All Things New


Traditionally, the 40 days following Mardi Gras and leading up to Easter Sunday are known as Lent. For some, the season connotes a self-restraint, denial, and asceticism.

Mardi Gras is the party, Lent is the penitence. At last, that’s the common narrative.

But what if both Mardi Gras and Lent were two sides of the same coin? What if rather than extremes of decadence on the one hand and somber religiosity on the other, both were two distinct celebrations of life and renewal?
What would a “Lent for life” look like?

During this season of renewal, the coming of spring and the journey toward Easter, what change are you seeking in your life and our neighborhood?

And not just personally, but think of the good of our neighborhood. How can you love Oak Cliff? What is one thing you could do over the next 40 days that could change your life and our community for good?

(Spring 2016)