2019 End-of-Year Report

NEW COURSE: Creative Projects for the Common Good

This January we launched a brand new offering,"Creative Projects for the Common Good."

Learn more here.

Would you consider making a special gift in support of this new venture?

We are offering this experience to participants at no cost. This is for two reasons:

  1. We wanted this group to be accessible to anyone, regardless of their financial situation.
  2. This group represents an opportunity to support folks who want to use their talents to make the world a better place. It’s a very tangible way for people to live into BOC’s mission to “embody love in the everyday,” and we wanted to give it away freely.


Parent/Child Relationship Course

This course was designed to help adults who want to work on their relationship with their parents. Two cohorts have gone through it so far and the results have been very encouraging!

This study and support has been a huge blessing to me. -Ruth

My mother and I have a much better relationship now. - Nicole

Read more about this offering here!


After concluding a FW cohort in the spring, I decided not to do a fall cohort in order to focus on the new offerings mentioned above. I am open to doing formal cohorts in the future, but in the meantime I am offering FW as an individualized coaching experience. If you or someone you know is interested in this option OR in a formal cohort, please let me know!

Find more information about the formal Faithwalking cohort here. For an overview of the Faithwalking topics, check out this resource page.

1:1 Coaching

I have found that 1:1 coaching continues to be a very effective way to walk alongside people as they seek to “embody love in their everyday lives.” This looks different for different people, but common themes include improving relationships, gaining clarity around calling and purpose, and aligning actions with deeply held values.

Read more about this offering here!


In addition to offering courses and coaching, I continue to share ideas freely on BOC’s blog to reach a wider audience and to support folks in the BOC community who aren’t able to participate in a group at any given time. If you haven’t visited the blog in awhile, here are a couple posts to get you started:

  • The Dynamics of the Parent/Child Relationship “At every developmental milestone, the roles of both parent and child change, so that the relationship is like a complicated dance with no repeated steps.”
  • Slowing: An Antidote to ConsumerismIn each and every moment, love is available to us in such quantities that, even if spread across the span of a natural human life, we could not fully enjoy or appreciate it.”

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