201 Series

Those who have completed the 101 retreat may participate in a 12-session series in which they get to practice the concepts from the retreat over the course of six months. Participants gather once every two weeks to hear content and reflect on their experiences. After each session, participants are assigned weekly practice exercises designed to get them into action around what they are learning. Additionally, each participant commits to having a weekly conversation with a coach, who helps them reflect on the challenges of the practice exercises. One of the foundational assignments is to design a “spiritual workout” – i.e. a set of daily, weekly, and occasional practices that cultivate intimacy with God and enable participants to break through patterns of disobedience. Throughout the process, participants are challenged to think about where God might be calling them to join Him on mission and to consider what ingrained “ways of being” stand as barriers to that call. The 201 series equips participants with a set of tools that allows them to confront these barriers and begin walking in freedom, authenticity, and obedience.

Our next 201 series will begin in November following our October retreats. Contact deborah@bodyoakcliff.net for more details.