101 Retreat

This Fri.-Sun. retreat centers around Jesus’ call to mission and gives participants the opportunity to begin exploring what blocks them from fully responding to His call. This failure to lead an integrated missional life is not seen as reason for condemnation; rather, it is seen as the natural consequence of wounds we’ve received throughout our lives. Our impulse is to hide these broken places, but it is actually by bringing them into the light that we receive God’s healing and are freed to follow Him.

The retreat consists of a series of presentations in which participants are challenged to think about familiar concepts (mission, integrity, authenticity, etc.) in a new and different way. Each presentation is followed by a time of solitude where participants are encouraged to wrestle through these questions with God, and each time of solitude is followed by a small group discussion where participants are given the opportunity to authentically share what God is showing them about themselves.

Our next open 101 retreat will be 3/31-4/2.  Click here to register. Note that the registration deadline for this retreat is Fri. 3/17. Contact deborah@bodyoakcliff.net with any questions.

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