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Faithwalking 101 – This retreat is sponsored by St. Augustine’s Episcopal and Tyler Street UMC, but is open to anyone. It will be hosted at St. Augustine’s the weekend of 3/31 – 4/2. Register here by Fri. 3/17.

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  1. Are there any relationships in your life – with a friend, family member, or co-worker – that feel strained, tense, or broken in some way?
  2. Do you ever feel disconnected from God?
  3. Does the activity of your everyday life reflect your passions, desires, and calling?
  4. Do you have a clear sense of God’s mission in the world and how you fit into it?
  5. Do you ever find yourself doing or saying something that doesn’t reflect who you actually want to be? Or unable to do or say the thing that does reflect who you want to be?





FAQs about Faithwalking

What is Faithwalking?  Faithwalking is a personal formation process designed to empower people to embody the love of God in a broken world. This process consists of a weekend retreat (101) and a 6-month communal and coaching experience (201) in which participants are given tools that lead to real, lasting transformation. This is done primarily by exploring how your past impacts the way you show up in the present, and taking on new ways of thinking/being in the context of an authentic, loving community with the help of a coach.

What can I expect on retreat in terms of schedule and flow? The retreat consists of a series of five presentations in which participants are challenged to think about familiar concepts (mission, integrity, authenticity, etc.) in a new and different way. Each presentation is followed by a time of solitude where participants are encouraged to wrestle through these questions with God, and each time of solitude is followed by a small group discussion where participants are given the opportunity to authentically share what God is showing them about themselves.

Where and how did Faithwalking begin?  Faithwalking was developed by a diverse team of leaders in the Houston area.  In 2012, a small team from Oak Cliff attended a retreat in Houston and have been developing the process in the neighborhood ever since.  The movement has now spread to multiple states (Michigan, Colorado, New York, etc.) and into Central America.  

Who is the retreat for? The 101 retreat is for anyone. We’ve had 18 year olds and 80 year olds, men and women, married and single, from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We’ve found that the folks who have the best experience are those who are hungry for a change.

What’s the focus of the retreat?  Whereas a lot of retreats have a specific focus or demographic in mind (e.g., men, women, prayer, marriage), people have found that the 101 retreat addresses all of these areas in one way or another. Throughout the weekend, we will have conversations that address your relationship with God, self, and others.

How do I register for the retreat?  Register here by filling out a short questionaire:

Are scholarships available for the retreat? Don’t let the cost keep you from attending if you believe that God is leading you to participate. Partial scholarships are offered and can be requested by emailing
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The 101 Retreat

The 201 Series